Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening
3 – 20 Minute Sessions / $279
One – 20 Minute Session / $99

Tired of over the counter treatments that don’t work? Want a shiny-white smile now? Cosmetic Teeth Whitening. A touch up may be needed after two years.

We use the safest, most comfortable whitening technology to bring powerful, teeth whitening. Now you can see years of stains disappear leaving the beautiful, shiny-white smile you have always wanted in one hour!

Must be 16 yrs or old. Cannot be pregnant. This treatment does not whiten crown, fillings or veneers. The Natural WhiteSpa System is the same technology used in the dental offices for Power Whitening and the results are comparable – for 50% less than what you pay at your Dentist. Far better that ANY over the counter treatments.