Skin Peels & Masks

Choose from a variety of our peels or masks for your skin type. After each peel an aloe soothing mask will be done to calm the skin. It promotes rapid wound heeling after resurfacing treatments.

Pineapple Papaya Enzyme Peel

Works to remove dead skin cells and excess sebum. Without acid, gently and thoroughly exfoliates the skin surface making it smooth radiant and more youthful looking. $85

Glycolic and Lactic Peels

Helps eliminate germs toxins and dead cells. Also helps, acne, acne scars, blackheads whiteheads, dry skin, sun damaged skin, blotchy pigmentation, fine wrinkles, loss of elasticity, large pores, age spots, and eczema. $85

Pumpkin Exfoliating Mask

Purify and brighten the complexion with this unique dual-action formula. This mask gently opens the pores to allow dirt, debris and excess oil removal. Improves the skins tone and texture. $85

**Purchase 5 peels or masks at listed price and receive 6th treatment free, to use six consecutive weeks or at customers convenience.

A 20% gratuity will be automatically added for spa packages (not spa services).

Missed appointments without 24 hours notice will need to pay 100% for the services missed before future services can be booked.

Due to the high volume of vacation travelers, the sooner you make the reservation, the easier we will be able to accommodate your requests. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.