Skin Care

We carry our own skin care line that uses whole leaf aloe Vera through and exclusive patented process. It meets the needs of estheticians, plastic surgeons, and physicians. Benefits of whole leaf aloe Vera:

Anakiri Bioenergetic Skin Care & Apothecary

All Anakiri products were formulated and crafted to nourish and replenish your skin. Anakiri was created by a research team of experienced skin care professionals and spa experts with combined expertise in the latest anti-aging science and natural medicine. Using only the highest quality natural ingredients, Anakiri is a leader in the field of spa skin care specializing in such areas as bioenergetic medicine, homeopathy, herbology, aromatherapy and phytonutrition. Using only natural ingredients and ancient methods of processing, these products are luxurious and powerfully effective. We offers a full line of skin care and body care products that are simple to use, results-oriented and effective for corrective needs. Listed below are a few examples of the many Anakiri products that we carry:

Bioenergetic Supplement

Anakiri uses a wide range of products designed to address the causative factors of unbalanced skin types. Energetic supplements assist with hydration, mineral balance, oxidation and even emotional stress. These Anakiri products allow the skin to function as perfectly as possible, optimizing the body’s healing and balancing responses.


Anakiri uses homeopathic tinctures and flower essences to achieve beauty from the inside out. From spagyrically extracted herbs, homeopathic acne topicals to energetic massage supplements. Gels and balms that speed up your body’s natural healing response whether it is trauma to an injured muscle, pain, inflammation, bruising or even burns. Anakiri provides another level of strength to your skin and body care needs.