30 min – $45
60 min – $75
90 min $110

Relax like a star, in a candle lit room. Using medium to light pressure we start with a hot towel for your feet continued by long strokes to promote increased circulation to overcome and relax tired muscles.

Aroma Therapy
30 min – $50
60 min – $80
90 min $115

A heavenly massage using your choice of pure essential oils that will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated.

Deep Tissue
30 min – $55
60 mins for $85 
90 mins for $120

Deeper pressure massage good for releasing chronic muscle tension.

Pre Natal
30 min – $45
60 min – $75
90 min – $110

Tailored specifically to pregnant woman and their changing bodies therapist who are trained adjust their techniques accordingly. “not to be done in the first trimester- w/ doctors approval

Hot Stone
60 min – $95
90 min – $145

Let your stress and anxieties melt away as muscles are therapeutically manipulated with comfortably hot stones.

Feet Only
Feet & Hands
30 min – $45
60 min -$75

Used primarily for relaxing tension and reducing stress, improving nerve and blood supply. When the nerve endings are stimulated on your feet and hands which corresponds to different body parts, it helps the body with its own natural healing process. It is not a massage of the foot or hands. It is a more specific, pin pointed type of preventive maintenance treatment and has been used as early as 2330 BC by the Egyptian culture.