Kid’s Spa Party

Bring your favorite princesses and/or princes!
Each service lasts 10-15 minutes / Ages 4-12 please / $75

Professional Kid’s Facial (with real cucumbers for the eyes!)

His or her first professional Eyebrow Shaping (very gentle). This service may be added to the facial for an additional $10.

Child Friendly Manicure (trim, shape, polish for princesses or a sports manicure for the princes)

Kid’s Foot Therapy (pamper, trim, shape, polish for princesses & nail buffing for princes)

Very Relaxing Massage (great for any age)

Sparkling grape juice (to tickle their noses) & Dippin Dots Ice Cream will be served as a snack

Please make sure:
1 – an Adult is part of the party!,
2 – bring a Swimsuit (for the massage),
3 – open-toed Shoes,
4 – do not forget your Camera!

Party can include a parent plus one or two children.